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Sound4 - VOICE ULA4

4 channels - AES67 / Livewire In & Out


SOUND4 VOICE ULA4 is a top-performance PCI Express card voice processor capable of processing a total of 4 channels. It is characterized by 100% compatibility with all Axia and RAVENNA products and can be used as a resource which can be routed and placed anywhere in a Livewire chain. With Livewire, a single Ethernet cable carries in real time all mics, uncompressed digital audio, device control messages, program-associated data and even routine network traffic. With VOICE ULA4, you do not have to break the Livewire chain.

The key to the performance of this product is the outstanding processing structure that incorporates the Sound4-patented HQSound 192kHz Audio Processing Engine, an advanced DeEsser, which automatically tracks sibilance frequencies, and a powerful 3-band processor. The 3-band noise gate ensures general sound optimization. Thanks to the HQSound algorithms, the Noise Gate is extremely reactive in terms of opening and closing Gates, while the Advanced detection mode provides users with access to Thresholds, Target, Hold Time and Release Time. The 4-band parametric Equalizer provides the final touches in the sound setup, whereas the brick wall limiter accounts for the strong gain limitation.

SOUND4 VOICE ULA4 boasts adaptability to all kinds of voice and guarantees that audio airs a maximum of 15 seconds after start-up of the PCIe. Via the Session Recall option, you can save all Mic affectations and loaded user presets, then recall them in one click. This is a product that allows for work in multiple live and production studios, providing users with access to their own presets in each studio. If a user preset is modified in one studio, all other studios will be automatically updated.

An extremely useful product, it also has an user-friendly remote control interface to further facilitate access, setup and operability.

Sound4 - VOICE ULA4

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