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Sound4 - Pulse

With its advanced functionalities and impressive versatility, SOUND4 PULSE gives clients the ultimate price - performance ratio, providing much more than just a processor. Flexible and powerful, it ensures perfect sound quality and full compatibility with radio broadcasting standards and can be used simultaneously for FM and HD, DAB, DRM or streaming.

One of the most distinctive features of the SOUND4 PULSE is the three-band processor which is at the heart of dynamic processing. A single algorithm guarantees the gain in each of the bands in order to complete sound stabilization. “Coloring” is controlled by the Fidelity parameter. Thus, it is possible to have a "purist" and a "colored" sound texture. The 3-band Process is achieved through the revolutionary algorithm S.I.S. (Sound Impact System), which makes it possible to maintain the authenticity of the original sound attacks.

Another great feature of this model is the intelligent 2-band Automatic Gain Control whose main purpose is to stabilize the input levels and prevent noticeable level differences between recent and old titles. This product also has a real stereo enhancer and a 3-band stereo image limiter acting on the control of the energy transmitted by the stereo sub-porter at 38 kHz. This unique functionality limits issues currently caused by the traditional enhancement processes. The stability of reception in areas "disturbed" by Multipath conditions is thus greatly optimized.

SOUND4 PULSE has Analog, Digital and AES-67/Livewire inputs and outputs, as well as an MPX FM output. The outputs of SOUND4 PULSE are fully assignable. For example, the analog output may replicate the signal which is fed to the analog input, the digital output delivers an HD signal, the TX1 one delivers the MPX signal and the TX2 output drives the 19-kHz pilot signal.

Due to the capacity of its memory card to store audio files, SOUND4 PULSE also guarantees bulletproof backup functionalities, ensuring continuity of the on-air program and solving the problem of radio silence.


Software Options Available *


A number of additional software options make this product even more versatile. These include Basic and Full RDS, Streaming Extension, IP TX + RX and Dual IP TX + RX to name but a few. A full list of all software options is available below:


  • Basic RDS Encoder
  • Full RDS Encoder
  • Streaming Extension
  • IP Tx
  • IP Tx2
  • IP Rx
  • IP Rx2
  • IP RX + Tx
  • Dual IP Tx + RX
  • IP Pass Through
  • Emergency URL Player
  • Emergency Audio Player


* All Software Options are subject to an additional payment. For pricing please Contact Us.

Additionally, it comes in a compact 1U case and has a dual power supply which is a standard feature of all SOUND4 In-box products and ensures constant, uninterrupted operation of the device. The user-friendly remote control interface allows for easy setup of the unit. One of the most impressive assets if this tool is the fact that it takes just seconds to upgrade the SOUND4 PULSE to a SOUND4 IMPACT via a software license. This is a product that will fully meet your requirements when it comes to both quality and price.

Sound4 - Pulse

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