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Sound4 - Pulse PCIe

The SOUND4 PULSE is a three-band processor and the smallest device in the FM product line. It is particularly well-suited to the following uses:

  • For small radios, as a principal processor. It is fully compliant with radio broadcast standards while at the same time having a strong, clear and balanced sound.
  • For transmitter finalization, with a SOUND4 PULSE located in the studio. All radio standards are met.
  • For radios seeking natural but powerful tonalities.
  • As a web radio processor, thanks to its algorithms, specially optimized for this kind of application. Furthermore, its low cost makes it affordable for any radio station wishing to set itself apart from other stations.
  • As a small standby processor.

The SOUND4 PULSE can thus be used as an audio broadcaster thanks to the PCIe entry driver, as a processor thanks to the processing functions and as an Audio streamer thanks to the streaming option.

Sound4 - Pulse PCIe

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