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Sound4 - Big Voice 4

Much more than a simple Noise Gate + a Compressor

SOUND4 BIG VOICE⁴ is powered with the revolutionary HQ-Sound 192kHz Audio Processing engine, a SOUND4 patented technology which has been used for years in other products. Its processing structure includes an advanced DeEsser, 3-band noise gate, Pre-EQ 4-band parametric, 3-band dynamic processor, Post-EQ 4-band parametric, brick wall limiter… Yes much more than a simple noise gate and compressor and we don’t stop there, Big Voice⁴ products offers further enhancements with our own plugin extensions like Reverb and more.


SOUND4 BIG VOICE⁴ processors are flexible, and adapt perfectly to all voices. From Natural tone to Big, everything is possible in a few clicks. The SOUND4 BIG VOICE⁴ is the perfect tool for production studios for that smooth Voice Over. Dominate-it... Let the lead Talent LEAD!SOUND4 BIG VOICE⁴ includes the revolutionary “Dominate-It” function so the Lead talent is always the leader. This unique feature invented by SOUND4 gives priority to the main talent and will automatically back off guest mics when the main talent speaks.


SOUND4 BIG VOICE⁴ can even share the “Dominate-It” function with other BIG VOICE⁴ processors to control other mics if needed! Dedicated to "Live Studios"...


SOUND4 Big Voice⁴ has been designed for Live studio requirements. The dedicated graphical user interface shows 2 Mics, status, affectations and Users Names. Recalling a Mic to a user is done in two clicks… More and more… SOUND4 introduces now the “Session Recall”: it is possible to save all Mic’s affectations + loaded users presets, and then recall all in one click! SOUND4 BIG VOICE⁴ is also externally automatable for dayparts automatic sessions recall… Bus-Mix… Auto-Mix all mics to one output and save fader space in consoles!


The Bus-Mix function groups selected channel outputs to one physical output. This acts as an Auto-Mix function and is always protected from bus overloads. SOUND4 BIG VOICE⁴ is limited to 1 Bus-Mix and is not sharable with other devices. Preset Sharing...


SOUND4 BIG VOICE⁴ Preset Sharing function, another SOUND4 invention, offers the ability to automatically share presets with other BIG VOICE⁴ processors across the network. Presets modified in one studio are instantly updated in all other studios. This saves a considerable amount of time and ensures your carefully tuned sound stays consistent no matter which studio is in use. A hyper user-friendly control interface...Two GUI types: STUDIO is dedicated for sound setup and LIVE is a very simplified one for On-Air Studio.Setting of sound from one single screen! No more opening and closing of windows for going from one function to another.


In STUDIO GUI, two level modes: BASIC where everything is simple and rapid, ADVANCED for exploring all the processor functionalities.In LIVE GUI, if needed Presets are editable or not in a very simplified GUI for fast On-Air modifications.Ultra-fast vu meter for true control.Unlimited “Undo/Redo” versioning function for presets with possibility of recall.Innovative “compare” function with reference notion.Log function for presets.A remote connection manager to control several processors.


Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Windows Server 2016, Linux (Debian).


Preset Settings

SOUND4 BIG VOICE offers the possibility to setup a preset for each user, everybody knows that talents never get the same sound level. Usually sound processors are running with the same level adjustment for all users... Here in the Preset Setting, SOUND4 BIG VOICE users can adapt the basics for each talent:

  • Phase Invert and Phase Rotator
  • Low Pass & High Pass Filters
  • 3-band frequency adjustment
  • Dominate-It



In SOUND4 BIG VOICE, the De-Esser is tracking automatically the sibilance frequencies, the user just needs to setup the gain attenuation and the Q Factor which defines the correction width.

On the left side, a graph shows the De-Esser working in real time.


The 3-Band Noise Gate...

In Broadcast Voice Processing, Noise gate is a crucial functionality for general voice sound optimizations. Thanks to HQSound algorithms, the SOUND4 BIG VOICE Noise Gate is extremely reactive in opening and closing Gates. This is a real advantage comparing to majors solutions on the market which usually "eats" the first syllables...

SOUND4 BIG VOICE Noise Gate provides an advanced detection mode: Bands are settable to run as "Master", "Slave" or "Alone". For example, it is possible to isolate Low Frequency detection and then avoids a gate opening when user bumps the table. In this case user will set Low Frequency in Slave Mode....

In Advanced mode, users get access to Thresholds, Target (gain attenuation when gate is closed), Hold Time (to maintain Gate opened before the Release Time), and finally the Release Time.


Pre-EQ (4-Band Parametric EQ)...

The Parametric EQ before 3-band process is an excellent solution to "lock" bands in desired frequencies. The SOUND4 BIG VOICE is powered with a 4-band parametric Pre Equalizer.

Advanced mode offers access for each band to: Frequency, Q factor and Gain correction.


The 3-Band Process...

The 3-band Process is the heart of the dynamic processing. SOUND4 BIG VOICE algorithm guarantees the gain in each of the bands in order to complete sound stabilization. “Coloring” is controlled by the Fidelity parameter: thus, it is possible to have a purist or colored sound texture.

The 3-band Process is provided with the revolutionary algorithm S.I.S (Sound Impact System), which makes possible to maintain the authenticity of the original sound attacks.

In Advanced mode, users get access to "Smart Gate Threshold" (below which gain action is frozen), "Ratios" (efficiency ratio of dynamic processing), "Fidelity", "SIS", "Drives" (increasing or decreasing gain at band input), "Thresholds", "Attack Time", "Release Time" and "Mix output Gain" (to dose output level of each band).


Post EQ (4-Band Parametric EQ)...

The Parametric EQ provides the final "touch" in sound setup. The SOUND4 BIG VOICE is powered with a 4-band parametric Equalizer.

Advanced mode offers access for each band to: Frequency, Q factor and Gain correction.


The Brick Wall Limiter...

The Brick Wall Limiter is an advanced algorithm which provides a strong and rock solid gain limitation.

Sound4 - Big Voice 4

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